Sparkle Day 2019

The High class Sparkling wine world met up on Sparkle Day, on the 1st December in Rome, at the Westin Excelsior Hotel, where the Sparkle 2019 edition was presented; the guide to the best dry Italian Sparkling wines. Our Metodo Classico 38 months Alta Langa DOCG 2014 won 5 spheres in Sparkle 2019. The first…


Wine and Health

Wine and Health. The curing powers of wine The worldwide health organization after 20 years of research on the theme of wine and health have fully demonstrated its many beneficial virtues noted since ancient times and have put together scientific results which have been reassumed in the volume, “The curing powers of wine” published recently…


Geological Formation of the Langhe

Geological Formation of the Langhe The geological formations of the Langhe and Monferrato are made up of sea sediments because in the period of the Lower-Middle Miocene Epoch (8 to 10 million years ago) this area was a part of the Gulf of the Po Valley (then an inlet of the Tethys Ocean). Marl and…