• Dolcetto d'Alba D.O.C.



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    This Dolcetto comes from Rodello, where since 2001 we grow our wines following the organic farming system. This being so, in accordance to the European rules and regulations, these wines are made using less quantities of sulfites. Continuing in this direction, the next step took us to make our first wine in 2015, with no added sulfites.

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    The wording “no added sulfites” means that there have been no sulfites added to this wine, in any form and at any stage during the whole production process and neither during the bottling. Sulfites, which we find today in various forms are conservatives, and as for wine, some sulfites are naturally generated during the wine making process. This means that a very low quantity can be naturally found. If a wine states “no sulfites added” it means that there are literally no sulfites present and the measurement must be less than 10 mg / lt, virtually nothing. Seeing as sulfites are necessary to conserve the wine and to prevent it from oxidizing, instead of sulfites, we use natural tannins that have been extracted from the grape skins and these act as a natural conservative. “ It is necessary to start from the vineyard and listen to nature and its needs. With healthy organic grapes, that have reached the right maturation, it is possible to make wine adding no sulfites”.

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    A maceration of the grapes for 7-10 days with several pump overs during the day and two derestage with a temperature-controlled fermentation. The wine is left to rest in stainless steel for 8 months.

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    A ruby red colour with intense violet reflexes. On the nose evident violet sensations and mature fruit such as cherries and blue raspberries. Structured in the mouth with light tannins.

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    Being so versatile, it pairs well with white and red meats, or as a starter or as a first course.